A Good Fit for Veteran

AeroWest is a good fit for Veteran. It doesn’t require particular skills but only the right discipline to follow the franchise system and the leadership and determination to run a successful business.

Veteran Franchising

Over the next few years, more than 1 million veteran will be transitioning out of active duty, and most say that finding employment is their biggest challenge. According to a recent study by the International Franchise Association, 1 in 7 franchises are veteran-owned, generating more than $41 billion.

Franchisors believe that veteran make for great franchisees for several reasons. Many of the factors that made veteran excel within the military environment make them ideal for franchisees. The ideal franchisee is someone who can take direction and work within guidelines provided by the franchisor, but who can also effectively lead a team and get things done.

The military is a system. Veteran are used to working within a system, which is typical within a franchise. A good franchise has discovered what to do and what to avoid, so when you follow our system you’ll have a thriving business.

Military vets know how to overcome obstacles. Whether you’re starting your own business or joining an established franchise system, you’re going to encounter obstacles. Veteran tend to have a good mindset when facing those challenges that arise with any business.

The road to running successful franchise involves having a long term plan and staying close to the plan, even when there are bumps along the way – neither the franchisee nor military personnel can let minor setbacks get in the way of a longer-term goal. In addition, veteran know how to rely on a support network, which is essential for franchise success. As veteran have learned to trust and rely on their fellow personnel, franchisees must lean on franchisors, fellow franchisees, employees, and others to ensure progress in their franchise.

In addition to being suited to business leadership, military personnel are also often offered benefits or cost concessions as incentives to become franchisees. These combinations of financial incentives are a great way for veteran to enter the franchise industry, where the skills and training they’ve gained through their experience in the military makes them uniquely qualified to run successful franchises.

Incentives for Veteran

AeroWest welcomes Veteran to our family of franchisees, by offering a 25% discount on the initial fee and all the support they need to succeed.

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