I was looking for a home based business that would offer flexibility and the freedom to work the hours I chose. AeroWest was a proven business model that was very affordable and offered all the points I was looking for in owning my own business.


Neil Ortego– Central Louisiana

Why I became a member of the AeroWest Sanitation Service family. I turned to AeroWest Sanitation because AeroWest offers the best and most affordable franchise package to build a lifetime income with exponential growth opportunity no matter your age or background. I enjoy one-on-one customer service and the rewards of a solid business partnership with 100% backing and support. I wanted to be part of a family owned and run business and to provide cutting edge products and services that will always be in demand worldwide.


Von Wade – Los Angeles

My name is Marge Krizek and I have had a franchise longer then anyone within the AeroWest "family". I was in management and sales previously, but wanted to have more control over my business success. I was not initially seeking a franchise, but I saw that AeroWest had established a proven plan, along with patented products and literature to ease the risk of establishing your own business.

The sales aspect is relatively easy, as most companies have a need for our services and they can test our products for free. One of the most valuable aspects is the freedom and flexibility in your time. This has been a priceless benefit to so many who wanted to arrange their schedule to enjoy events with their children, or needed to attend to elderly parents, or help friends in emergency, or direct their own path in life.

The long journey with AeroWest has been steady, but they now are at an exciting stage where they are rapidly moving forward with many creative aspects to meet the needs our customers. They are establishing themselves as trend setters in the new technology of the future.

You will have many new money making avenues available. I know that making six figures is readily attainable. Ultimately you are in control of your destiny. You may have thought I wrote this for the sake of AeroWest, but the truth is that I know the path to be an entrepreneur requires effort and hard work. Thus, I want those you who are seeking the same journey to know the energy you put forth is worth it and that your personal and financial rewards are achievable.

AeroWest even offers a great retirement opportunity, as you can hire help after your route is established, which will assist with additional income in your senior years. All the best in your endeavor, Marge.


Marge Krizek - Chicago

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