What We Do

Aerowest International, the parent company of the AeroWest Franchise, is an odor control product manufacturing and service company. AeroWest provides odor control products and services for restrooms and public areas for any type of business within the U.S. through our AeroWest Franchises, and internationally through our partners overseas.

AeroWest services are essential to any business. Let’s examine why:

Preface: AeroWest service does not replace regular cleaning. It complements the cleaning process by removing foul odors between cleanings. Our system plays the role of a 24/7 fragrance service. Some facts….

  • The typical office worker visits the restroom three to four times a day
  • People also use restrooms as a place to briefly relax, refresh, and decompress. Therefore, restrooms should go beyond just being clean and become the area that represents the building—and management — as a whole.
  • A customer at least once every visit.
  • Most consumers consider clean and pleasantly scented restrooms to be a sign of the company’s dedication to all phases of customer service experience which generates loyal customers in the long run.

We all know what a powerful tool social media platforms can be for the growth of a business, but it can also be said that poor reviews can be a business’s undoing. All it takes is one unhappy costumer to comment on the state of a company’s restroom on social media to discourage others from visiting that facility.

Did you know that the restroom factor prevents 57% of customers from returning to a facility? Now magnify that by adding complaints on various social media platforms (Facebook, IG, Twitter). More powerful than losing one customer is that customer’s power to influence hundreds of other customers or potential customers with one negative post!

Here are some tips how to avoid this impact:

  • Regularly clean the bathrooms – it is the base of odor management, especially if you include cleaning the floors.
  • Compliment the cleaning effort with AeroWest odor services to avoid foul odors in between the cleanings.

How an AeroWest Franchise Helps You Succeed?

Following the initial 4-day training at the corporate office, a AeroWest representative will meet the new franchisee at their location for 2 weeks of sales training in the field. AeroWest manufactures and warehouses all of our products; when need to replace inventory the franchisee will place the order from our online ordering system and it will be shipped directly to Franchisee’s location at his/her shipping costs.

Our support continues well after the initial training and our help will extend to all of the administrative functions. Therefore, the ongoing fee paid to AeroWest may seem higher than usual. The reason being, it is not just a fee for the license to use AeroWest systems, but to cover the costs of ongoing services delivered to the franchisees.

The Franchisee is consequently left to concentrate on prospecting and growing the business. The monthly fee paid by the franchisee to AeroWest is 35% and includes all administrative functions and other services such as:

  • Accounting
  • Proprietary service software program
  • Dispatching of work orders
  • Billing
  • Collections
  • Business reports, etc.
  • Monthly settlements
  • Insurance
  • Marketing materials, i.e. brochures and contracts
  • Product design and manufacturing
  • Large scale of inventory
  • Safety data compliance with access to all safety data information for each of your customers products
  • Maintains Industry Memberships that you can use to help with sales appointments
  • Insurance compliance
  • Legal issues assistance
  • Federal and State laws compliance
  • Answering customers’ questions
  • Help with proposals
  • GHS compliance
  • Bid process in which we will answer on your behalf all bids for government, municipalities or state online bids
  • Maintaining Vendor Registrations for your accounts if applicable
  • Corporate Participation in major national trade association shows
  • National Advertising
  • Major Associations Trade Show Participation
  • Tech support – product support
  • 24 hour emergency line

AeroWest also offers access to our Sales Support Department, which can make pre-set sales appointments based on the schedule and lead list you provide.

  • West generates work tickets 2 weeks prior to the service of your customers. These tickets will be transferred electronically to your smartphone where you have downloaded our own software program. This allows you time to verify you have the product to perform upcoming services and place an order if needed.
  • Once the service is complete the customer signs the ticket for proof of service and you forward the work tickets back to West. Throughout each settlement period West invoices each customer as the signed tickets are received back.
  • West maintains accurate Accounts Receivable records for each customer. When the customer pays an invoice, the payment is applied to the customer’s account. Should the customer’s account reflect a past due invoice, West will begin the collection process of retrieving payment saving you the time and effort for collecting.
  • The Franchisee is consequently left to concentrate on prospecting and growing the business.

What we expect

The Franchisee will:

  • Run a good business and protect the brand
  • Care for customers
  • Have a strong work ethic, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Be willing to learn new things
  • Must be willing to take instruction in order to stay consistent with AeroWest International standards of service and branding.
  • Have some management experience and be an individual who is driven to fulfilling their business ownership potential.
  • Not be afraid of selling Be willing to take instruction when it comes to proven sales processes like prospecting, prospect qualification, building rapport, delivering presentations, handling/blocking objections and closing potential customers.
  • Concentrate on prospecting and growing the business
  • Address any negative feedback from customers honestly and in a timely manner
  • Stay connected to your brand

For more information about an AeroWest franchise, call us today or click here to complete our Franchise Request for Consideration form.

If a normal human being is influenced by the sense of smell 75% more than by the other 4 senses, shouldn’t a business use a signature fragrance to create a better long lasting positive experience for any customer or employee? That’s why AeroWest offers scenting not only for the restrooms but also for lobbies, hallways, lounges and any other types of public areas within an office.

At the end of the settlement period, West will ADVANCE  to the Franchisee, in the monthly distribution check, the gross amount of the services invoiced during the settlement period after deducting the Royalty Fee and any other amounts owed to West by the Franchisee. This is unique in that the Franchisee does NOT have to wait for the customer to pay before they are paid.

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