There is a "West way" that has been shaped by everyone who has stepped through the door. We put our franchisees first... building new products to make their lives better, and help them choose the right solutions for their business.

Our franchisees are the core of our business. They make it happen for our customers, everyday - and that's what makes our franchisees so successful. As we are trying to change the world (and we are), we also believe in investing a part of ourselves in making the world a better smelling place. It is who we are.


Franchising can provide an ideal career path for many veterans to become leaders in our economy. We eagerly seek veterans as potential owners. Veterans understand the importance of teamwork and constant communication with HQ, and they know that training, can-do attitudes and mission focus are crucial to any operation.


We want to help women achieve their dreams and goals by beginning a career in our franchise. Many woman achieve great success and personal fulfillment when they can experience working at frontline of a business. At West we want to increase female representation across the board.



Franchising Opportunities in the U.S.

West provides one of the easiest and most affordable ways to own your own business. With a track record of success, a AeroWest Franchise is certainly something worth serious evaluation by any prospective business owner. For a fraction of the cost associated with other franchises, we think you'll find the AeroWest Franchise a value hard to beat. There are two ingredients that are essential for an AeroWest franchise owner: an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion and unbridled commitment to succeed. You are the master of your own destiny.


AeroWest, formerly a division of West Chemical Products, manufactures, installs and maintains air fresheners and deodorizing dispensers for restrooms and provides signature fragrances for any public areas where people congregate. AeroWest/Westair Deodorizing Services, cover public and private restrooms to ensure that they stay smelling fresh. The company makes, installs, and checks on air fresheners and other forms of deodorizing devices in facilities throughout the country. Businesses like schools, hospitals, office spaces, airports, nursing homes, hotels, arenas, and theaters rely on AeroWest/Westair Deodorizing Services to keep their restrooms and public areas in top shape. Through superior products and routine maintenance, AeroWest/Westair Deodorizing Services ensures that public areas pleasantly enhance the experience for all visitors.


  • Operations Manual - Covers all methods of operation for use while operating the franchise. It is the textbook for the Franchisee with absolutely no experience in the industry and no prior skills.
  • Headquarters Training- 4 day training : Intense training sessions addressing every possible issue concerning the operation of the franchise, in a “classroom” setting.
  • Field Training – 2 week In field training provided on all products and service of products.


  • Sales Support - West sets confirmed qualified appointments for free trials from your target lists.
  • Electronic Marketing - Use of Web Site to generate sales leads and promote the West Industries Brand.
  • Trade Show Marketing - Attendance at numerous trade shows across the country for continued market recognition of West's brand names and to obtain sales leads.
  • Collateral Materials - Development and production of sales materials for use in selling.
  • Pricing Analysis - Pricing strategies provided by West based off market trends. (You actually set your pricing).


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