Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Drive?

Entrepreneurial driven individuals are motivated and can find success in the everyday activities of the company and the opportunities their role affords to grow the business. Entrepreneurs often possess immense focus and energy. Entrepreneurship requires extensive mental strength and determination because, as opposed to traditional occupations, there is no right or wrong path to achievement.

It takes a special kind of person to set an idea in motion, riding the highs and lows from humble beginnings to ultimate success. The entrepreneurial drive is a gift that inspires others to become the best they can be. From passion and positivity to leadership and ambition, these are key qualities of an entrepreneurial drive.

What's A Master Franchise In A Nut Shell?

A Master Franchise is a franchising contract in which the Master Franchisor (the owner of the brand name) hands over the control of the franchising activities in a specified territory to a person or entity, called the "Master Franchisee".

Aerowest Master Franchise And Multi-Unit Aerowest Franchises

An AeroWest Master Franchise is a Franchise who has been awarded the rights to develop and own an exclusive territory and then sells portions of this territory to new sub-franchises. An AeroWest Master Franchisee functions as a ‘sub-franchisor’ and split the roles and responsibilities as well as the franchise fees and ongoing royalties with the franchisor.

An AeroWest Master Franchisee owns and controls an entire area and his/her main job will be to award more franchises in the area, act as a business consultant to the franchisees, and help them succeed in their own business. An AeroWest Master Franchisee is responsible for recruiting the individual franchisees and providing all training and support they need, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

Typically, an AeroWest Master Franchisee will operate a master franchise with low overhead expenses, by himself/herself OR have an administrative assistant, or other support person, or a franchise sales person.

An AeroWest Master Franchisee owns an exclusive territory. Only he/she and designated franchisees will be allowed to develop franchises in that area. An AeroWest Master Franchisee receives income from 3 sources:

  • Revenue from his/her own franchise
  • Franchise fees from new franchises in the area
  • Royalties from new franchises in the area

Qualifications required of a Master Franchise

  • Has at least 3+ years’ experience working in either corporate America or in their own business
  • Has owned or been involved with an AeroWest franchise or similar business
  • Has sales, business, marketing, and management experience
  • Is passionate, energetic, ethical, hardworking, and determined to get the job done
  • Is ambitious, enterprising, visionary, and goal-focused
  • Is enthusiastic, and an exceptional communicator possessing both patience and a true desire to help other entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Has at least $50,000 in liquidity
  • Has Financial solvency certified by a bank


Initial Fee: $50,000 and up
Liquid Cash Requirement: $50,000 minimum
Net Worth: $400,000 Check Your Net Worth

Multi-Unit AeroWest Franchises

Multi-unit franchisees dominate today’s marketplace, controlling more total units than their single-unit counterparts

Multi-Unit AeroWest Franchisees purchase the rights to develop and own multiple units in a non-exclusive territory.

AeroWest Multi-Unit Franchises are awarded to well capitalized, experienced individuals who are committed to growth and long-term success.

AeroWest Multi-Unit Franchisees must possess a strong background in business and leadership.

AeroWest Franchise fees are: $25,000 for a single unit, $16,000 for a second, and $12,500 for a third onwards.

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